Radio citizen
Radio citizen

Streaming Service to start your own Radio and TV Station on Internet.
What do you need to have your own Radio and TV Station on Internet?

Eyepartner Simplifies 1080 HD LIVE Streaming From the Desktop
Broadcasting LIVE HD video from your Desktop has been a challenge to media producers, broadcasting networks and corporations worldwide. Eyepartner has developed a product called "The HD Wave" that runs on inexpensive off-the-shelf PC's. The HD Wave makes it easy for anyone to broadcast their stream in HD and up to 60 frames per second, with a simple to use click-and-stream interface.

Grace Digital Announces The 1st Smart Charging Battery Powered Internet Radio
Wireless internet radio enters the next generation with the introduction of the Allegro, an internet radio with the ability to stream over 16,000 radio stations anywhere inside or outside a connected home.

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